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Wood Cutlery

"Without food, there is no life."

I want to help you trust yourself & your body

with food.

Are you:

  • feeling overwhelmed by the amount of nutrition information out there & feeling confused or not sure what to believe?

  • frustrated with trying yet another diet only to wind up back at the same weight, or higher, and more disordered around food?

  • overwhelmed by your busy schedule and feeling unable to plan and prepare what to eat?

  • as a parent, unsure of how to instill healthy habits around food and movement with your children?

  • suffering from an eating disorder, severely disordered eating and/or a disordered body image or have a child that is?


Has some or all of this led you to feeling out of trust with your knowledge of and trust in your internal cues for your appetite?


I practice from a weight inclusive, non-diet approach to help you ditch dieting, say good-bye to the food police and reconnect with your internal wisdom regarding your appetite and your emotional needs. I provide individualized and evidence-based medical nutrition therapy for clients of all ages (and medical conditions) as well as families interested in learning the best feeding practices for feeding their children. I have been a registered dietitian for over 14 years and a certified Intuitive Eating counselor and Health at Every Size practitioner for over 6 years. I am licensed to practice in the state of New York and accept most major insurance providers. I offer telehealth visits over the phone and/or virtually as well as in-office sessions.

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, a certified Intuitive Eating counselor and a Health at Every Size® practitioner, I am dedicated to helping others:
  • recover from dieting, disordered eating and eating disorders
  • heal and normalize their relationship with food while moving away from unsustainable diets
  • regain trust in their internal eating cues for adequate nourishment, satisfaction and pleasure (without the guilt!)
  • (re)develop a healthy, positive relationship with their bodies (improving your body image) and with movement 
  • learn strategies for planning and preparing meals based on their daily schedule
  • live their lives better connected to their bodies, minds & self-care behaviors, not just to try to change the number on the scale!
Individual & Family Nutrition Counseling


With over 14 years of experience as a dietitian, I am an expert in providing nutrition education & counseling to children (and their parents), adolescents, adults, older adults, patients with (and families of) eating disorders. I practice from a weight inclusive (weight neutral) and intuitive eating (non-diet) framework to help clients (and their families) improve their knowledge, confidence and behaviors around their eating and lifestyle behaviors in healthful and sustainable ways.

Group Counseling

I collaborate with a local therapist group to hold group counseling sessions for clients working towards eating disorder recovery.


I am available for consulting projects for organizations and businesses that are looking for nutrition information that are aligned with my philosophy.

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